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  • Translation (into Chinese)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm very interested in using EspoCRM but I need to be able to use a Chinese version of it.
    I'm ready to start the translation into Chinese language (any help would be appreciated) but would need some instructions of how to do it !
    Are there language files with all the standard words/phrases ?
    Otherwise, please advise how this should be done.

    Thank you for your help !

    EDIT: Sorry for disturbance, I've already found some instructions, I'll go that way first and post again if I meet some problem.
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    It would be very cool to have EspoCRM translated into Chinese


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      That's what I found :

      How to make a translation

      Build po file with command: node po.js en_EN (specify needed language instead of en_EN)

      After that translate the generated po file.

      Build json files from the translated po file:
      1. Put your po file espocrm-en_EN.po into build directory
      2. Run node lang.js en_EN

      Json files will be created in build directory grouped by folders.
      Is that the way to go ?
      I didn't have time to look into for now, but will as soon as possible.
      Thanks to provide any further useful information if there are ....
      Question: where to input the listed commands ( node po.js cn_ZH and node lang.js cn_ZH) ?
      Thank you


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        Run command in command line interface within espocrm directory. I've attached built po file.

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            Hi, I'm almost done with the translation but it's not clear for me how to proceed in order to generate the necessary files from the PO file.

            Espo is installed on an Sme Server 9 (based on CentOS) and I have full access on the server !

            Also, I can't find what is called the "build" directory ...

            1. Build po file command
            node po.js en_EN
            Specify needed language instead of en_EN

            2. Build from po
            Put your po file espocrm-en_EN.po to build directory
            node lang.js en_EN
            The files will be created in build directory.
            I can find several language related folders and/or files ... but was unable to make it clear until now !

            I would be very happy to get some help in order to make it work and test the translation on my system before providing it to the community !

            Thanks !


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              1. You need to have node.js installed.
              2. Name you po file "espocrm-zh_CN.po".
              3. Move it to "build" directory of your espocrm instance (create if it doesn't exist).
              4. Run "node lang.js zh_CN".
              5. Generated json files will be in located in build directory. Copy them to your EspoCRM instance.
              6. Add zh_CN to languageList parameter in data/config.php

              I can do these steps and send you json files so you can test.


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                what's the status of the translation? I am also interested in a Chinese translation.

                SuiteCRM uses Crowdin for translations, how about we use something like this as well?



                Edit: Searching the forums I stumbled upon a post mentioning POEditor as translation platform. So how does one add another language there?
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                  yurikuzn added Chinese to the POEditor project and I started adding some phrases that were translated by Google Translate.

                  Unfortunately the import on POEditor didn't work properly, only 2/3 of the phrase have been imported, but it's a starting point.

                  Since it's machine translation there will be mistakes, obviously. I marked all machine translated as 'fuzzy' so those can be proofread.


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                    What import do you mean? From po to json? I can help you with import.


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                      I made a .csv with the translated phrases, that file couldn't be imported properly inside the POEditor project website. I have now translated the rest of the phrases via machine translation inside POEditor, thanks for your help though!

                      The second batch of machine translated phrases are marked as 'A' for 'Automatic' by POEditor, so everything that is either 'F' (fuzzy) or 'A' should be proofread.

                      I started proofreading. I do speak Chinese but since it's not my first language I don't have a 100% feeling if a phrase has been translated properly. So calling Chinese EspoCRM users to action here!
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                        Can you attach po file here?


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                            Thanks. I was able to generate espo json files from your translated po file. So syntax of po file is correct.
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                              I think we have a slight misunderstanding

                              This .po file is exported straight from the POEditor project website. When I started the translation I did not have a .po file, I used a .csv file exported from the Chinese simplified portion you added on the POEditor project website.

                              I exported the .csv file and ran it through Google Translate and tried to reimport it into POEditor. I had to manually fix a few formatting issues (Excel used ";" as delimiter, some phrases didn't have " "" ", and so on) and I guess i probably 'misfixed' something resulting in an erroneous file. I am no programmer and was only guessing what the syntax of the file is was supposed to look like.