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  • Set interest fields on client

    Here I am again guys :-)

    a question, is it possible to add certain fields to a client?
    like if we would say we have : fruit, drinks, cars....
    that we make our own checkfields or list items and that we can click on one of more according to the client his needs?

    after a while we will have a hugh db and then we can say : select all clients that are interested in fruit...

    did searched for this on the forum, but didn't not found a solution, maybe somebody knows if this is possible.


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    Not sure if I understand your question.

    You can create new fields via Entity Manager. You can put new fields on layout via Layout Manager. You can make search filters available for users via Layout Manager > Filters.


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      well Yurikuzn, what the meaning is, that we can set par client where they are intrested in.
      if a client is intrested in fruit and drinks (for example :-) ) but not in houses, gardenstuff,
      then we want to set par client what they are interested in.
      so after a while we can say : give us all clients/leads that were interested in fruits...
      then we get the complete list of those guys...

      better explained now? :-)



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        You can use standard search to list Contacts that met specified criteria. You can store filters to reuse it in future. You also can use Reports.


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          Yurikuzn, that I know, but the question is, can I make a kind of small list (max 15 enteries) that I can add on the Lead and client detail, so that we can select what they are interested in?


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            Yes you can. It's possible through Multi-Enum field, or (that is better with search) by creating new Entity and relationship many-to-many


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              Hi Yurikuzn, thx for the info. but as a total noob on espoCrm it's a bit hard for me to found out exactly how to do it.
              I wend to administration
              then Entity manager
              then create entity and called it : ProductInterest

              once I created this I got a 8 fields inside like (assignedUser, Createat,....)
              but now what now?
              I need to create an extra field like productcategory?
              or do I have to create an extra field for every productcategory within this?

              this is a bit unclear to me.
              then I looked quickly to the link and when you create a link you have ofcourse the foreign entity : clients since we need to stick this on clients.
              then lnktype = many-to-many
              but then you have record name at your left and middle table name and then at your right agan record name, with an extra option : Link Mulitple field on both?

              sorry for this, but can you help me out how to do it?

              thx for any help allready !


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                You need to create relationship many-to-many between Contact (or Account) and ProductInterest. Check Link-Multiple field only for left side (for Account/Contact).

                Then put creted linkMultiple field on the detail layout of Account via Layout Manager. Also add this field to Filters.


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                  euh okey.
                  what I did so far and this works : i created on the lead list a new entity, with some fields to choose from.
                  the moment I have de detail of a lead I can select that( changend the layout types, so works perfect)
                  but now is the question, the moment a lead becomes a client... how can I do this that the new created field on the lead will transfer also that data to the client detail?

                  do I have to make the field with options also with the same name as entity on the client section ?
                  its like the address field, you fill it in on the lead detail and once you convert this lead into a client the data of that field is also transfered... so that's exactly what I also want to do.

                  I can not find it how to do it correctly.

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                    If field have the same name then value should be transferred when you convert lead.


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                      You rule man !! I works.
                      ps maybe small repeating question, now that I have the Multi-enum field on that client detail.
                      how can I make this field also searchable? so that I can type in the list of clients instead of the client name, one entery of the list? So that I can say : give me the list of clients where "item1" is set in the Multi-enum?



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                        You can only use filter from 'Add Field'. If you add your field via Layout Manager to Filters.

                        But I'd recommend not to use multi enum if you need to search by this field for the sake of performance. Use many-to-many w/ linkMultiple.


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                          euh okey? what kind of field would you use instead of multi enum? since i must be able to choose 1 or more options for each client?
                          and how do I have to do it like you say with many-to-many w/link mulitple?


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                            1. Create entity Interest
                            2. Create many-to-many relationship with your Account or Lead or Contact (depending how you utilize CRM), check Link Multiple check box.
                            3. Put created Link Multiple field on your detail Layout.