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E-Mail synchronization not working

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  • E-Mail synchronization not working

    I am trying out a local premises installation of EspoCRM, and so far I like it. This is the free version.

    Now I would like to have my e-mails synchronized so that they show up in EspoCRM and also show up in the respective accounts.

    This is "apparently" a feature of EspoCRM, and it is not labelled as advanced, so I would expect it to work.
    Setting up my personal e-mail works, and the program reports "Connection OK" when testing. I have also set up SMTP and
    I can send e-mails directly from within EspoCRM, and they do arrive.

    But the IMAP account is not being synchronized. No e-mails are arriving. I am checking e-mails by selecting More from the menu, then e-mails.


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    i have this problem to
    run cron ок but i do not get a norice in the mail
    Debian 8 / bitnami 4.0.4


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      Have you setup cron? You can check Administatin > Scheduled Jobs > Check Pernoal Email Accounts > Log. If there are anything.


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        Check first whether this cron works: * * * * * /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/yourespodirectory/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
        Should be run every minute as you can see....
        Robert Laussegger
        iscon group


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          Thanks for the tip, I did not have this cron-job enabled at all.

          It is now enabled, however, it still does not work. The cron job actually throws an error as follows:

          PHP Fatal error: Cannot use Espo\Entities\Email as Email because the name is already in use in /var/www/html/espocrm/application/Espo/Services/InboundEmail.php on line 34

          The error refers to a duplicate import in the PHP namespace Espo/Services. I don't know where the duplicate is, and this is apparently an internal bug?
          Any idea how to resolve this?


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            Solved it - just change the line 34 in

            which normally reads:

            use \Espo\Entities\Email;

            to read:

            use \Espo\Entities\Email as EntityEmail;

            There is no direct reference to the Email namespace so this way it works. But this should be changed in the EspoCRM code as it actually is an error.