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Several PDFs are downloaded as a ZIP file.

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  • Several PDFs are downloaded as a ZIP file.

    Hello everyone,

    I somehow remember that if I select several entries in the list view, then select -> Print as PDF from the menu, a PDF file with several pages is output.

    But currently all PDFs are automatically downloaded as a single ZIP file.

    Is there somewhere to deactivate this or is it intentional?

    I use this function to print labels from the entries.
    But if I then receive 20 individual PDFs in a ZIP file, that's a lot of work again.

    Thank you very much for any information

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    It is definitely due to the PDF engine.
    With Tcpdf I get the PDF directly in the browser
    With Dompdf it is downloaded as a ZIP file.

    Can this be switched off or do I have to live with it?​


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      tcpdf - creates one large pdf file from those you selected in the List View.
      dompdf - creates separate pdf files in zip archive from those you selected in the List View.

      The easiest solution would be to install official Tcpdf extension:
      In Administration > Settings > Misc > PDF Engine you will be able to switch between tcpdf and dompdf depending on your goals.

      The number of pdf files for both modes is regulated in your_instance_name/data/config.php by the massPrintPdfMaxCount​ parameter.​​


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        I have installed the Tcpdf module, so I knew that it would work with this module.
        Unfortunately, I had problems with Tcpdf and printing labels.
        Either everything was distorted or only blank labels came out of the printer. I don't have this problem with Dompdf.

        The problem with Tcpdf is probably that it can't cope with small formats.
        My labels have the format 40mm x 30mm
        So my choice was to stay with Dompdf.

        But if there is no solution to this problem, I will have to live with it.​