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  • Some emails are missing

    some incoming emails are missing. Mostly the important ones that are connected with Parent. I use a mailbox from a professional provider.
    I have:
    - the newest version of EspoCRM.
    - php mailparse installed.
    - php v 8.3.
    - cron is working and Check Personal Email Accounts job.

    I use Virtualmin on my own server and I may have configured something incorrectly. I had the same issue with Hetzner (German provider).
    All services on the server work properly. I can't see anything in logs but maybe I am looking in the wrong ones.

    I would be grateful for your help.

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    Do you have an idea where to look for errors? what file? how to enable problem detection?


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      If an error occurs during email importing, the error should be in the Espo log. Can you provide an EML file so I could check whether Espo can import it?


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        There are many different missing files from many customers. I only have one header from the Mozilla email client. Will this help?
        My error log is almost empty and only contains entries from Sunday.​


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          Email original may be helpful. But it's unlikely as you don't have errors logged.

          > There are many different missing files from many customers.

          Files or emails? Or both?


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            Sorry, I meant emails. But I discovered the problem - I don't receive only emails with attachments. Even if it is a logo.
            I corrected access rights ( chown -R <owner>:<group> public_html ) but it didn't fix a problem.
            Some time ago a few attachments were deleted manually ( Administration -> Attachements ).
            All lines on page Administration -> System Requirements are green (Success).
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              OK. I found it
              But it is a bit strange.
              When I changed cron from:

              crontab -e -u www-data (as it is suggested in docs
              crontab -e -u owner

              it started working. ​

              Before I had also problems with the cache because some files in cache changed ownership to www-data and I couldn't clear the cache.