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Populate a filter by values in an entity

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  • Populate a filter by values in an entity

    Hi, I would like to achieve the following idea:

    I have an entity, which records each represent a software product. Each software is for the same purpose more or less and differs only by some of the parameters. Because of that every software product has the same set of fields which represent the parameters and options.

    To be able to compare the softwares I would like to create another entity, where a user could determine all requirements he needs and as a result a filter, based on the user`s choices, would list those softwares, which offer these requirements.
    As there are about 50 parameters to compare, it would not be viable to create a filter for each of the parameters. Could it be possible to create a dynamic filter from the list of choosen parameters?

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    I don't think it's possible without coding.


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      This is not simple task but you can do it if you are familiar with code customisations.

      First you need to define a link in json and give it custom view from client defs that extends the relationships panel and set the collection url to custom route, then you define the route that responded with the relative results

      The route must be build to accept the data needed for filtering.

      I wonder if report panel will work
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      ok, I guessed that this is not a simple task and for sure my coding skills (if there are any at all) won`t be sufficient for this. Thank you all for your hints.


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        Just one question by curiosity :
        user have to use always same "filter" ?
        sample :
        user A : filter = product and type and color
        user B : filter = type and color
        user C : filter = width and height