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I do not understand autocompleteOnEmpty

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  • I do not understand autocompleteOnEmpty

    This is a parameter in Link field and I do not understand how that works, what it does.
    A parameter. If enabled, autocomplete will be triggered without entering characters, on focus. For link, link-one, link-multiple fields.

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    It means, when this paramters is enabled when you focus on a link it will list the options. e.g if you enable this option on contacts field on opportunity and if you create a new opportunity one focus on the contacts fields it will list contacts.


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      But it does not work in my app and not in the official demo (went to opportunity, deleted the contact and then focused on the link field -> nothing). It merely happens nothing


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        On the demo:
        Click image for larger version

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          ok, I see, it works on demo. But why do I not get it to work in my app. I have a relationship between contacts and a custom entity 1:n, but I neither get the list drop down, neither the auto complete, when I put in some letters of the contact.
          What am I missing?


          • shalmaxb
            shalmaxb commented
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            Already the first extension to uninstall brought the feature back. I use Ebla Link Pro, and uninstalling this extension made it work. I will have to inform Eymen Elkum to look into that.
            Thanks for the idea!

          • ChrisSka83
            ChrisSka83 commented
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            Eymen Elkum has already been informed. I have already opened a support ticket with him about this. But he is still on vacation until April 15. Processing may therefore be delayed.

          • eymen-elkum
            eymen-elkum commented
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            Hello guys, the issue must be fixed, download the latest version from our portal, thanks for your patience!

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          yuri we can apply filter for the relation, it would be great if this filter would also apply in autocomplete dropdown.


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            What filter? Filters defined in clientDefs > relationshipPanels are applied to autocomplete.


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              Oh, you're right! I had to reconfigure few things and it's working! Thank you very much !