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Hiding Records from Certain Teams

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  • Hiding Records from Certain Teams

    Hi All,

    I would like to hide certain records from non authorized tem members. Example:

    I have a field in Leads named "Private". If this field is marked (TRUE) I would like to restrict access to only the designated team members with proper Roles. A "Private Records Team" is created with corresponding members. When "Private" is TRUE only "Private Records Team" members can access such records provided that this team is assigned to this record. Else only Admin users can access these records.

    Can this be done using admin configuration tools? Or do I need to make changes to the source code?

    Wish you all a very happy new year !!!!



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    Hi Neşet,

    It's not possible using the admin UI. It requires a bit of coding. You would need to define a custom accessChecker (for detail view) and accessControlFilter (for list view).

    Happy new year =)


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      Thanks yuri. I thought so. It is currently beyond my skills.


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        You could automate adding/removing a specific team when the boolean field is true or false.


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          Hi yuri many thanks for the tip. Is this through workflows?


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            With workflows it will be the easiest to do. But I'm not sure whether this method will work for your case. It requires your users have team level access for your entity type, they need to be in a certain team. Then add/remove that team with a workflow rule.


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              Thanks once again.
              The users in question are members of a single team only. And members of that team do not have access to teams entity at all.
              I will try the workflow.
              Cheeers !