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Performance Tuning - Account Lookup

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  • Performance Tuning - Account Lookup

    Good morning:

    Have been using the app for a coupla years now. Love it. Getting some performance slowdown when doing basic account searches. I'm smart enough to be dangerous but could use a point in the right direction to figure out how to reduce the delay when doing account searches. Seems as though it's doing a full table scan (initially) prior to displaying the search result.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Maybe you should think about a database optimization. Example for mysql / mariadb look here:
    Just looking at my host provider and notice that I have a database filesize limit... looking at my database these two table is huge... not sure if it safe to delete or how I can trim down the size a little. Email is a must to keep there, but the other two I think we can safety delete? Anyone can advise? I probably do a backup

    Please remember, backup before.


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      What may help:
      • Creating indexes;
      • Enabling full-text search;
      • Disabling total count calculation;
      • DB settings tweaking.


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        Thank you for the recommendations. Yuri, I have ready the performance tweaking recommendations but have questions:

        1. Account search seems to be doing a full table scan. I assume there are built-in indexes that have already been built for Account name lookups?
        2. Where can I find info on how to enable full-text searches?
        3. Total count has been disabled.
        4. Will look into tweaking db settings.

        Appreciate the help.


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          Check what fields you have activated for text search for Account: Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Edit > Text Filter Fields.

          If it's only name and email, then the problem might be with the email, as we have the index for the "name". Or the index is not applied for some reason.

          > 2. Where can I find info on how to enable full-text searches?

          In the same article, the link:
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