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  • Bootstrap 4 for EspoCRM


    is migration to BS4 planned in near future, or it is possible to contribute with EspoCRM with complete migration from bs3 to bs4? Thank you

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    Not sure. Any reason to migrate? It's not easy to keep a backward compatibility. Extensions should be compatible.
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      I understand the dificulty of migrating, whole template system should have to be rewritten. I guess the main reason should be innovation of whole UI and BS core overall, there are a lot of changes. Well, would you work with migrated EspoCRM to BS4, if developer community would contribute (completed) migration to BS4? Thanks


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        Actually there are not lot of changes. UI won't be (and shouldn't be) changed after migrating. It's mostly just the matter of naming and how it's organized inside. Users shouldn't notice the update at all (except new bugs and compatibility issues).

        UI of EspoCRM is not generally determined by Bootstrap. There is a lot of custom css written for EspoCRM. Bootstrap just helped us to create simple elements at the beginning. We easily could live w/o Bootstrap. I'm more proponent of getting rid of bootstrap rather than migrating to the new version. But since it's working now it seems to be an overkill.