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Better Mailbox view for group accounts

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  • Better Mailbox view for group accounts

    We choose EspoCRM for the mail capabilities. A great improvement will be to have a better group mailbox

    status quo:
    At the moment, the personal email account displays emails in the right folders like in an email client. This is a very nice feature. But group emails are summarized under ALL.

    This makes it very difficult to work with it, especially when you sent out 50 emails with a similar topic line to customers.

    feature request:
    Change the inbox view such that group emails also show up in the right folder. In the particular case I would not bother to have a mixed display of personal/group emails.
    I suggest a different background color to identify the source.

    Thanks for considering
    Best regards

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    There are some technical obstacles to it.

    You can make emails from group account to fall into Inbox of all users of specific Team (check a checkbox "For all team users).
    Then you can create Email Folder and setup email filter that will put all emails sent to specific email address to that folder. This will work only for one user.


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      Thanks for your answer.

      Did what you suggested.
      Will filters apply to all already imported emails? If not, can I re-trigger the import?


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        Unfortunatelly they will be apliead only for new emails. You can select needed emails on list view and move them to folder.


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          Can we at least add a "To" column in the list view? My users can't see which emails are to each account, which is very confusing. There's also no default label for the "From" column. I added it in application/Espo/Resources/layouts/Email/list.json in
          {"name":"personStringData", "width":18, "notSortable": true, "customLabel": "From"},

          I want to add "To" to that file somehow, but I can't figure out what to add. Unfortunately, group emails aren't useful for us without being able to differentiate which account is the destination and customizing a filter for every user is way too much work.