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Dynamic Screen Width Utilization for Enhanced User Experience

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  • Dynamic Screen Width Utilization for Enhanced User Experience

    I am writing to propose a feature enhancement for the ESPO CRM interface, specifically regarding the utilization of screen space.

    Current Issue: With the increasing size of modern screens, it is noticeable that the ESPO CRM working window remains fixed in size, resulting in significant unused space on either side. This becomes particularly problematic when working with lists that require multiple columns. The column headers and content can become cramped and difficult to read, despite the available screen real estate. Especially in TOP menu activated or side menu moved aside.

    Proposed Solution: To address this issue, I suggest introducing a feature that allows users to adjust the working window's width. Ideally, this could be implemented as a customizable setting, allowing users to select a preferred percentage of screen width utilization, or set a default to utilize 90% of the available screen space.

    1. Enhanced Readability: Wider space for columns will prevent text from being cramped, making it easier to read and manage data.
    2. Improved User Experience: Leveraging more screen space will streamline workflows and improve efficiency, particularly for users handling extensive lists.
    3. Modern Interface: Adapting to larger screens will keep ESPO CRM in line with contemporary design practices, enhancing its appeal to users.

    Visual Example: The attached screenshot illustrates the current fixed-width issue. As seen, there is substantial unused space on either side of the working window that could be effectively utilized to improve the display of information.

    Thank you for considering this enhancement. I believe it will significantly benefit the user community and enhance the overall functionality of ESPO CRM. I am looking forward to your positive response.
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    Actually, I don't find what is on the screenshot as an issue. I like how it looks. Making a form full screen wide is not a contemporary design practice, it's been for decades. I believe it would look not appealing. It may be useful for some cases. Note that we need to support both wide and non-wide screens. It's tricky. Just my notes that I disagree that making it wide would necessarily make it better.


    • rabii
      rabii commented
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      i agree. Forms should not be wide as it is not a good design practice. With Ability to hide/show columns on the list view i think the current design is perfect.

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    The record view max-width is set in a CSS variable. Can be adjusted.

    The main view max-width is hard coded though. I remember there was a CSS limitation not allowing to have it in a variable. The side navbar is what caused the problem IIRC. So, I need to find a way how to overcome that limitation first.
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      One problem I have with current CSS is as follow the equal size:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	31 Size:	8.2 KB ID:	108195

      But don't mind me, I just use a new row for these issue at the moment.
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      • yuri
        yuri commented
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        Or you mean that it's not possible to have different column widths in one row?

      • shalmaxb
        shalmaxb commented
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        I guess it means to be able to have more columns in one row, which would make it possible to have more checkboxes in one row, as they nomally do not need the complete width of a column.

      • espcrm
        espcrm commented
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        Yes, checkbox taking too much space, although it due to the current label as one of the reason.

        But it should not require that take up 50% of the space when you are using 2 field. But that just my opinion.

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      yuri Thank you for your response and for considering my feedback.

      While I appreciate the clean aesthetics of ESPO CRM and recognize the design principles behind the current layout, the main issue I'm highlighting is the significant amount of unused screen space. This could be better utilized for data visualization, especially given the capabilities of modern wide screens. The attached screenshot from another CRM system exemplifies effective screen space utilization that enhances data visibility without requiring excessive scrolling.

      I have been using ESPO CRM extensively in our daily operations and truly enjoy its features. However, efficient screen space utilization is crucial for us and could greatly improve our productivity. More efficient use of the available space would allow for a shorter form or display more data columns in list views at once.

      Regarding the CSS limitation that prevents the main view max-width from being set in a variable, a possible solution might involve re-evaluating the implementation of the side navbar. If the sidebar's CSS properties could be adjusted to be more flexible, it might allow the main content area to dynamically adjust its width based on the screen size. This would maintain the interface's usability across different devices while optimizing the available workspace on larger screens.

      Thank you for your attention to this matter. Addressing this issue would not only enhance the functionality for users like us but also align ESPO CRM with contemporary web design practices seen in other leading CRM platforms.

      Looking forward to any developments in this area.

      Best regards,


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        Hi Tomas,

        > re-evaluating the implementation of the side navbar

        If it will require rewriting from scratch, I'd restrain from doing it. Unless receiving a pretty big investment for it If it will require making the side bar not collapsable, I wouldn't do it either as it's pretty important feature making the system more usable on smaller screens. Making the sidebar fully hidden – I find it not an option too.

        > The attached screenshot from another CRM system exemplifies effective screen space utilization that enhances data visibility without requiring excessive scrolling.

        I don't understand these screenshots. The first one is not that wide. The second one is wider with a horizontal scrollbar. But not that wide too.


        • yuri
          yuri commented
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          EspoCRM has its own way, different that other's popular systems. I don't think we need to copy them. One of a few concepts I try to follow:

          * Less small fonts.
          * Hard to do something wrong by accidentally clicking somewhere on the screen.
          * No popups on mouse hovers.
          * Less horizontal scrolling.
          * No visual clatter.

          Other "popular" systems usually don't follow neither of this concepts.

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        yuri Thank you for your response.

        Regarding the re-evaluation of the side navbar, I understand the concerns about the complexity and the potential impact on the system's usability on smaller screens. I agree that preserving the collapsibility and overall functionality of the sidebar is crucial.

        The screenshots I provided were meant to illustrate the concept of better screen utilization rather than suggest an exact implementation. My primary aim is to encourage finding a way to optimize the use of wide screens within ESPO CRM.

        Here is a refined suggestion:
        - Adaptive Layout: Implementing a more adaptive layout that adjusts dynamically based on screen width could be a potential solution. This approach would maintain the usability on smaller screens while enhancing the experience on larger displays.
        - User Settings: Introducing user-configurable settings to adjust the main view's width could provide flexibility without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing structure.
        - CSS Adjustments: Exploring additional CSS adjustments or workarounds to manage the max-width property, even within the current constraints, might help bridge the gap.

        These suggestions aim to enhance the productivity of users who work extensively with data and would benefit from an improved layout that leverages the full potential of their screens.

        Thank you for considering these ideas. I appreciate the continued development and support for ESPO CRM, which we rely on heavily in our daily operations.

        Best regards,


        • item
          item commented
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          Hi Patronas,

          i will not highjack your request but just i am not 100% ok with "enhance the productivity of users".
          My experiment can say : if Users will not be productive, Users can find any issue and front-end is the first "guilty".
          I have not experiment in front-end.. but for me keep-simple.. keep-.... and of course, certainly, EspoCrm can find more idea

          Best Regards
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        • partomas
          partomas commented
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          As I'm one of active users the use case "Users can find any issue and front-end is the first "guilty"" not applicable
          I just want better utilisation of screen space.