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    Omnichannel inbox is currently one of the hottest CRM trends and I'd love for Espo to support this feature.

    While email is still the dominant communication channel, many other channels are growing in popularity for business communications. These include SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and possibly a few others. Espo already supports SMS, but only for sending.

    The idea of an omnichannel inbox is that customers communicate via their preferred channel while Espo remains channel agnostic. Regardless of whether a customer sends an email, SMS, WhatsApp message, etc... all the messages would flow into the existing email inbox which would be upgraded to an omnichannel inbox. When replying to a message, Espo would default to sending the reply via the same channel the message was received from. However, when a user sends a message to a customer, Espo would display a dropdown containing available channels for that user. In the user's contact record, there'd be a field for each supported channel where we could enter the phone number or username for that channel.

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    EspoCRM extension "Messenger center" from BPM4B. Extension can be customized, extended, and configured to meet the unique needs of your business.


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      You have very good extensions, but the price is too high

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    existing email inbox which would be upgraded to an omnichannel inbox
    Replacing an existing feature will have also a negative effect. It will be pricy for us. Better add a separate page preserving Emails I think.

    P.S. We have plans for about the one year period. New unplanned features unlikely will be considered during this period except smaller ones which would take up to a couple of days to implement.
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      Yeah, at $750/yr I think I'll pass. You have some cool extensions on your site, but none of them are even remotely affordable for a small company. For this type of extension, I'd pay like $300 for a one-time purchase and perhaps $150 for a major upgrade. Anyway, it looks like this will eventually become part of Espo core, so I'll just wait.