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Ability to use custom icon in Entity Definitions

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  • Ability to use custom icon in Entity Definitions

    The current list of icons seem good for general use but becomes inadequate to meet the need of specific businesses like medical services. It would not be possible for Espocrm to include all the various icon for so many types of enterprises. To resolve this i am suggesting a feature in Espocrm where we could use a custom icons from our own folders.

    I hope this becomes a reality.

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    It already should be possible for font icons.

    Add font file:
    Add CSS file:
    Edit clientDefs metadata file manually to specify a needed icon class:


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      You can use any custom classes as iconClass: "iconClass": "customIcon bpm2bIcon"
      The only limitation is that this parameter is edited directly in clientDefs/entity

      You can use any png / svg as icon.

      Additional CSS like
      .bpm2bIcon:before {
          background-image: url(/client/custom/img/bpm2b_website_logo_transparent_background.png);
      .customIcon:before {
          content: '';
          width: 20px /* width of the image */;
          height: 20px /* height of the image */;
          display: inline-block;
          background-size: contain;