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    ​​Export Import extension is a tool for exporting and importing data in EspoCRM. It allows you to transfer files, settings and customizations between instances using commands launched in the CLI with a different set of parameters.​

    Github repository:

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    Need for additional features. Please allow me to provide the details:

    (1) Problem Statement

    The existing version either exports an entity with all its data or exports all the customization done to an instance. We (in the ASEAN Group) feel that exporting all the customization may be a moot feature as we could already do this just by copying the custom->espo folder to the new instance. Exporting the entity with all its data may be one option for others but does not help people who want to re-engineer their systems.

    (2) Feature request:

    Provide additional parameter (--structure-only) where the extension can export only the customization related to the selected entity.

    (3) Use Case

    This feature is highly useful for people who want to re-engineer their CRM or who want extract and use only certain entities to an totally new instance serving another purpose.

    There are many of us seeking this. Appreciate consideration and early enhancement to this extension.
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      Hi tarasm

      I tested the export-import version 2.0.0.

      I wanted to export and import each customized entity from version < 7.3 to another instance for re-engineering. This is what i did:
      1. Create a 8.1.4 instance and copied the custom->espo folder to the new instance
      2. Did a hard rebuild on the new instance
      3. Used the export-import and exported the customization without the relationships.
      4. Copied the exported folders to the instance which i was re-engineering
      5. Perform the import.

      Everything worked super well. I greatly appreciate how much effort this has saved me. This cut down my re-engineering time by 45%. Thank you so much


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        tarasm Hi,

        Wonder if you would entertain an enhancement request.

        The current export-import extension is fantastic.What we need now. to complete the functionality, is to be able to export an entity "Account" from one instance and then import it into another instance as different entity "Provider". The reason: Though the "Account" entity is already in the new instance, we need to create another entity called "Provider: which is nearly a clone of "Accounts" in its properties and fields. We have many use-cases. E.g "Insurer" entity which is the same.