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    Seeing the Email support style for EspoCRM, it seems to me a Text Message suite ( possibly general Messenger ) is due to be added.


    I searched the forum first to see if someone talked about this, and there was this feature request by sapyantuk here:

    Dear Developers of Espo CRM, I am writing to request a new feature for our CRM system. Specifically, I would like to see an internal chat system added to Espo CRM that would function similarly to popular messaging platforms like Messenger. With this chat system, we would be able to easily share files, send photos, and exchange

    Not exactly the same idea, but close enough. But the way I see it, this is a community-built Communications extension.

    Alongside / beyond the other idea coming up alongside this here, I would bring communications automation into EspoCRM:

    n8n ( is awesome. Has anyone started using n8n with EspoCRM, or even started a community node? [ n8n is a way better ( self-hostable ) alternative to Zapier, Make, IFTTT, Automa, Activepieces, Pipedream, etc. ] I do not see any EspoCRM community nodes yet though, other than the one I just added


    Right now we use Matrix for messaging, but that is better for notifications than for top-level support. Ideally messages could be associated with Cases, Orders, even Quotes and Invoices, etc. And all in one place, in the EspoCRM service center, versus spread out across various Rooms and Spaces in standard chats.

    I think this goes alongside Mobile Interfaces, and upgrading Background Jobs to be real-time, such as for Webhooks, rather than use crontab. Other than that, I feel like the API provides everything else that would be needed, and I can see using EspoCRM for 5+ years without much more being done to it.

    Today I hope to nail the Auth Error issue thanks to devcrm and yuri and others over on GitHub, then be heading into major changes I would need to make to accommodate clients. The main one is completing the Communications requirements, so I am thinking about building out a Pack for that.

    Anyone interested in using something like that, or helping to build something like that? Something that broadens Message support to Text messages and perhaps others, as a top-level set of functionality, rather than just for notifications, or 2FA, etc?

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    I agree, a Chat Entity would be great.

    Currently there's an extension by Eblasoft but it's not really "Modern", lacks many features.

    I really want to build one if I ever find the time to do it.

    Do you know of any other CRM that implements a chat system well?


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      Espo has WebSocket that one can utilize for their chat implementation. The only problem with WebSocket is that it takes some effort to set up comparing with the basic stack (which is very easy). Many do not bother to do it as Espo can be used w/o it.

      The issue with chat is that the bar set by popular messengers is high. It would be hard to make something comparable. And I'm not sure whether there's a demand as often messengers are used in companies.


      • rabii
        rabii commented
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        > The issue with chat is that the bar set by popular messengers is high. It would be hard to make something comparable. And I'm not sure whether there's a demand as often messengers are used in companies.

        I think the chat app in Espo shouldn't be competing against other chat apps in fact it should be a simple tool to allow instant communications between users / teams. Issues with websockets is that not all espocrm users have the app installed in a vps i would guess most are using shared hosting or cloud hosting which would limit their ability to enable websockets. But i think it would be a plus if a chat app is added even if it will be added as commercial product it would be great to have.

      • yuri
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        I believe the majority of our users has the ability to set up WebSocket. It should be possible on most cloud servers I believe. Having running websocket is similar to having nodejs webserver.

        Chat w/o using websocket is long delays before message is received.

        It's already possible to communicate using stream posts (directly to teams and users). I future, I will add a separate 'post permission' to roles (now assignment permission is used) and a stream panel to the team detail view. It would be an almost instant communication ability considering webscocket and deamon are configured.
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      • rabii
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        That sounds promising. thanks for your work Yuri we really appreciate it a lot.

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      Excellent points yuri and thank you Kharg I had not seen that one yet.

      Agreed yuri: The community who I think wants a messenger most are the ones who do not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. for their business yet, but are coming into the internet world for the first time. Self-reliance, with a self-hosted Communications system ( vs. CallRail, RingCentral, etc. ) that can drive decentralized operations, is key. There are many options on how to accomplish that, but from a design perspective, I see how EspoCRM fits uniquely well.

      Curious about WebSockets: I am about to implement the fpm implementation of the docker container, and wonder if you mean that production instances need to be modified to use WebSockets out-of-the-box, or that for new Extensions, people do not use WebSockets in their approach usually? I saw WebSockets were built into the core, and definitely want to tie into those. And also, get to real-time job runners versus crontab. Curious if WebSockets use crontab behind the scenes.

      Will keep WebSockets in mind when approaching an Extension.


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      I guess it didn't take long for me to find it:

      Announcing the release of a commercial (paid) version of a Chat application that have been using internally for over 1 year. The extension allows the creation of three types of chat boards that can be attached to any Espo entity and will display as side panels: Activity Log Similar to a journal or micro-blog, used to log


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        Thanks for the referral espcrm

        The Chats extension is an internal communications feature that does not depend on webhooks or any external system.

        It allows Users (Internal and Portal) to exchange messages or log activities regarding a particular record (for example a Case) or to exchange mesages amongst Team members.

        Users can be notified by email when there are messages waiting for them and also has a dashlet where unread messages can be displayed.

        The extension stores the conversations in simple text fields so it doesn't bloat the database with thousands of "message" records that many times are courtesy responses or similar non-esential content.

        You can chek the latest features and purchase here: