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  • Extension: Label in email client

    I would be interested to buy an extension that allows to create labels (eg red-important, green - later etc) and mark emails with them.
    Maybe someone would be interested in creating such an add-on?

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    Something like this?


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      Originally posted by AgentT View Post
      That appears to be obsolete as of EspoCRM version 7+.

      And, having played with the Entities Editor and Layout Editor, and even manually turned on the Layout Editor for Email by editing certain files, I've run into problems. For example, I can add a field and it will show up on the list view and the "mass update" view, but any changes I make to the detail view in the Layout Editor are ignored.

      If you could change the detail view using the Layout Editor, then no plugin would be needed. You could just add an entity to those views.


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        Perhaps this:


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          Originally posted by shalmaxb View Post
          That doesn't appear to store data, just add static HTML to the page.

          The existing entity system can create the field needed to create the labels. The problem is that it is hard to edit the email detail page.


          • shalmaxb
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            that is correct, it creates a not storable field

          • WisTex
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            The purpose of a label is that it is changeable. For example, when an email comes in, you can categorize it somehow.

            For example, I created labels such as "Action Required," "Resolved" and "Reference" to categorize incoming emails. The original poster(OP) wanted labels such as "Important" and "Later."

            The problem is that the email detail template is not easy to modify.

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          it is coming to v7.2 i guess. the email entity will allow you to add custom fields which means an enum field could sort out the issue for you.


          • espcrm
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            Which github issue tracking this feature?

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          here is it: