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Google Calendar sync all Calls but only some Meetings

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  • Google Calendar sync all Calls but only some Meetings

    Hello, everyone,
    after the correct setup of the Google extension, all calls (also retrospectively) are synchronized with the calendar but not the meetings.

    Or better: only one appointment is synchronized and the others are not. All appointments have the same assigned user and participant. There are only different start and end dates, as well as texts / descriptions.

    Google shows an error rate of 95.35% in the developer console.

    EspoCRM runs in a Docker environment. How can I debug this?
    Is there a log file for the sync somewhere?
    Can I start the sync manually from the console so that I can see the CalendarAPI error messages?

    What I've done so far:
    Delete the connection User -> external account
    Empty the relevant googleXXX tables in the database.
    Google calendar relevant columns in appointment table set to NULL.
    (Probably) reset everything.
    Google Account has all permissions (Calendar, Mail, Contacts).

    Thanks for any help.

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    OK. Found the log file and also the error. Where is the problem? Do I need to upscale / unlock something in the Google Developer Console?

    [2022-06-09 20:20:14] ERROR: GoogleCalendarERROR: Error after requesting POST Reason: Calendar usage limits exceeded. [] []


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      Still exists.. There are 22 Meetings defined and 129 calls and i've got around 28 error messages in 5 seconds per scheduled sync job like described above.

      Any hints, whats going on?


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        I thought that when you buy a license for the Google integration, at least some (a little?) support is included.

        Then I must have been wrong. Or not?


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          Our support team's schedule is Mon-Fri. They do not monitor the bug reports section as it's supposed for bug reports and monitored by developers. I will move your topic to the extensions section. You can also create a case on the customer portal, but it's better to use forum as anybody can chime in, maybe some know the solution that out support doesn't know.


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            maybe :


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              Hi mfr,

              Please in the Google Developers Console go to APIs & Services > Google Calendar API > Quotas and open an Usage Chart of Queries per minute. Please send a screenshot of this chart to make your issue more clear.

              Also, tell me how often Google Calendar Sync job runs in your instance?
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                Hello lazovic , the sync job is set to 10 minutes by default.

                By switching to a Google Cloud account, the problem no longer exists.

                However, I have a suspicion. I'm trying to reconstruct it:
                User's external Google account was initially connected to Google account <user_a>@<>. Then the connection between EspoCRM User and <user_a>@<> has been disconnected. A new Google account <user_b>@<> was set up and connected to the EspoCRM user. This changed the calendar ID.
                From here there was no more synchronization.

                Then i dived into the database and researched the connections and calendar / calls entries. For one thing, the Google calendar from <user_a>@<> still existed. But this calendar was no longer present in the GUI, but in the database.

                Both, the meetings and the calls, were still connected to the "old calendar ID", so I set all the corresponding columns to NULL and other dependencies accordingly.

                Due to the change in the calendar, I suspect the increased queries. In my opinion, it must also have something to do with connecting and disconnecting the external account during the account change, since the old account were still listed as not deleted in the database after disconnecting.

                Perhaps the sync job is also trying to update these without there being a connection. That would explain the many accesses.


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                  As I have already written, there was a switch to a new Google account.
                  But here, too, I see a connection with the many queries.

                  A separate calendar (let's call it "CRM") has been created in the Google Calendar account to be used for synchronization with EspoCRM.

                  In EspoCRM, the corresponding Google account was connected for the user and a two-way sync was set up.

                  The checkboxes "Remove the Google Calendar event when removing in EspoCRM" and "Do not sync event participants" are set.

                  The Google default calendar is not set as the main calendar, but the specially set up "CRM" calendar. So there should only be a synchronization between EspoCRM and the "CRM" calendar, in both directions. The Google Default Calendar should NOT be synchronized.

                  The database was cleaned accordingly before configuring the external Google account. The google_calendar_* tables and the corresponding google_calender_* columns were emptied accordingly, or set to NULL.

                  Nevertheless, EspoCRM synchronizes the appointments and calls in the default Google calendar AND the "CRM" calendar. With the result that all appointments are duplicated in Google Calendar.

                  The meetings are only entered once in the EspoCRM calendar.

                  Am I missing something here?
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                    Another point I noticed:
                    If the connection is set up as above and the calendar is released for another participant in the Google calendar settings and the participant is authorized to view all details and make changes, then after a while all appointments on the EspoCRM page will appear as " rejected" and the appointments disappear from the view of the Google user account.

                    Schematic representation:
                    EspoCRM calendar, user A <-> Google calendar, user A <-> Google calendar, user X (no EspoCRM user!)

                    User A enters an appointment and accepts it.
                    Synchronization with the Google calendar of user A takes place. Appointments are available in Google Calendar.
                    Synchronization with the shared calendar at user X.
                    Appointments disappear in User A's Google and EspoCRM calendars. All synchronized meetings are set to "declined".


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                      Try this solution -
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