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Short Url Extension for EspoCRM - free extension

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  • Short Url Extension for EspoCRM - free extension

    Hello Guys
    i have new extension for you. Extension which will give you possibility to create short url's inside your EspoCRM.
    You can check how it works on video. Here you have link to post with video.

    • User can create short url's
    • User can define custom alias
    • User can choose expiration date
    • User can define own length of short links

    Link to installer:
    Link to documentation:

    You can check this extension in action. Here you have credentials to demo.

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    Thank you very much. This will be really very useful!


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      shalmaxb thanks I'll do my best to prepare tutorial how to assign different domain for links


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        This looks good, thanks for making the extension, I just have a couple of questions.
        Can the field the URL is entered into be longer? we have a URL which is sometimes 270 characters long, the field seems to have a limit on characters at the moment.
        In the example, the shortened url is in "url/file/", is it possible to just have it after the url or does the "/file/" extension have to be in the final short url?
        If you were developing this further, it would be good to have the shortened url linked to a customers record that you sent the link to. Maybe have a button next to a customer where the shortened url process starts from?


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          i don't use .. but i have look ..
          if it's that field, you can change "maxLength": 300 for sample.
          and make rebuild after.

          "alias": {

          "type": "varchar",

          "maxLength": 150,

          "trim": true,

          "options": [],

          "isCustom": true



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            I'll adjust extension, my mistake


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              New version: 0.0.2
              • Limit of characters in Full Url field.

              Current limit is 300 characters. Of course if you want, you can adjust it in Custom folder. Here you have tutorial:


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                until recently the extension worked. But since one of the last updates I only get a page with the word "true".
                No redirect anymore....
                Everything is still correct in the .htaccess.​


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                  ChrisSka83 thank you for your post. Here you have a link to issue, we'll deal with that.


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                    Hy emillod,

                    Is it possible to create a short url with a formula?

                    I often have to send a link from an entry of an entity or link it in another program.
                    The link sometimes causes problems there.
                    Either too long or the # causes problems.

                    Now I want to create a field in the entity and create a short URL there using a formula.
                    Is that possible?​


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                      Hello Sir,
                      yes, you can generate a link through formula. You have to check how formulas work and create simply record in proper entity.


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                        Ok, I managed it with a lot of testing.

                        This formula creates a new ShortUrl and is then read into the entity.

                        PHP Code:
                        But is there another and easier way to do this, or is this correct?

                        Last edited by ChrisSka83; 04-21-2024, 10:22 PM.


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                          For formulas that's an easiest way to do it.


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                            Somehow this formula only works to a limited extent.

                            When I create a new entry, the short URL appears.
                            But if I edit an existing entry, the URL is created in Short URL, but unfortunately it is not read into the entry.
                            If I then try to update the entry again, I get the error message that the entry with the alias already exists. But it still does not read it in.

                            Do I have a small error somewhere?​


                            • ChrisSka83
                              ChrisSka83 commented
                              Editing a comment
                              now, strangely enough, it works again. no idea why