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Make product.description html vs text?

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  • Make product.description html vs text?

    Probably an enhancement request for quotes.

    1. Can the product.description field be made to handle html when printed in the PDF?
    2. Can an editor be added to the product form to edit the description as HTML?

    Or guide me to how I would make this change in the code.

    Many thanks,
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    What I've learned about using HTML to format the product.description field in Quotes/Invoices.
    Hope it helps other newbies/junior members. Hopefully, they will add this to the documentation or update the code.

    If you want a text field to be interpreted as HTML enclose it in three brackets vs two.

    If you want the description to be a WYSIWYG editor for entering HTML then
    1. Go to Quote in the entity manager and add a new field, descriptionHTML with a display of Description Formatted.
    2. Go to Quote in the display manager and remove the description field and add the Description Formatted field
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