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Portal ACL to link a Contact to an Entity without Edit on Contact

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  • Portal ACL to link a Contact to an Entity without Edit on Contact

    I want a portal user to be able to link a contact to another entity in the portal, but I only want to give the portal user read access on the contact.
    When i try to select a contact in the portal, there is an error saying I don't have edit access on the contact.

    Is there a way in the ACL to permit a relate action but not record edit action?

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    Maybe this? linkCheckerClassNameMap


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      I would do the following if I were you:

      1. In Portal Role, enabled contact editing.
      2. However, I would prohibit the editing of all fields, except for the one that links the contact and another Entity (for example, Accounts, as shown in the screenshot).
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        OK I got A linkChecker class set up for my Entity and managed link a contact to it subject to the rules I want (if you can edit the entity, then you can link a contact to it), but in the bottom panel there are no row actions showing so I can't unlink the now linked contact.
        I set the clientDef row-action for the relationship panel as unlink only, but there are no row actions at all.

        What drives whether there are row actions or not?