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Display related entities in One to Many relationship as a list field

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  • Display related entities in One to Many relationship as a list field

    Does anyone know how to display related entities in a One To Many relationship as list field. I have account Has Many competitors (Account One to Many Competitor) and i would like to list all competitors that belong to an account in a list field within the account view. same as opportunity and opportunityItem list.

    Many thanks

    telecastg item emillod please help if you know how to achieve this.

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    if you have Advanced Pack.. look ReportPanel in admin section.
    you can create report list or grid

    and then create report panel as side or bottom..

    not undertand all but perfect


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      Thanks for your reply, i don’t want to use reports hence i need to apply custom row actions to the list. I am interested to add a field like itemList which display data in a list format in a parent view. As explained something like opprtunityItem on opportunity.


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        Try check "Link Multiple Field" and add field to detail view
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          that would only allow to add one field. my purpose if to show whole list of field of related entities.


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            Hi rabii,

            Through the UI, you can make two display options: as in the first picture, just a list of related Competitors under the red panel, or as in the second picture, on the Bottom Panel, where you can select the fields of your Competitors records you need to display. Please take a look:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	1.png Views:	0 Size:	14.0 KB ID:	81865Click image for larger version  Name:	2.png Views:	0 Size:	17.7 KB ID:	81866

            If these options do not suit you, try to make a small drawing of how it should look like, and then the EspoCRM community will be able to help you faster.


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              I am aware of relationship panels but it is not what i am looking for, as mentioned before if you have sales pack you can see that opportunity has a list item field which list all opportunityItems and that is what exactly i want a field which list a list of field of related entity. see attached screenshot for your reference.
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              i have the extension but i wanted to build this my way hence it has lore then just listing, some calculations will be done based on certain conditions. with the extension i can't extend such functionality.