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  • replace phone number with text

    Is possible to replace or hide the phone number so the actual number is not visible?

    for an example i want the phone number on the lead list and individual lead to me replaced with a text name ((HIDDEN)). i dont want to completely remove or hide the field coz i want the user to be able click it.

    any help will be appreciated.


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    Hmm this is a hard one here (I think), no full guide on how-to yet though.

    Only two workaround I can think of, but they are just theory and highly likely doesn't work because Phone field is a special field and very hard to work with (at least that the impression I have of it).

    The first I can think of is find out how the "Password" mask field is create which only show ******, for example see this example URL:

    The second method is using a Paid Mask Field extension by
    I'm not sure if it can 'hide' number to become (***** hidden) or not though. eymen-elkum can help you out or do an update that can do it.
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      Thank you espcrm for the mention ,

      No, Mask field will not work for hidding values, it is only for formatting values.

      If you want the field to keep clickable then the value must be loaded, the change must be done on the phone template & view class, this needs some coding skills and effort.

      You may also will need someway to make this set-able from role or user profile, to switch on off permission for users.
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        eymen-elkum Can you please share the code for masking of numbers? Not able to access your demo instance also.
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        • espcrm
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          It is a paid extension. Be good if eymen does share, but most likely not.