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  • WorkFlow for Regular users

    I would need to know how to enable the configuration of "Workflows" for regular users. How can I do it (I do not mind modifying code if necessary).

    Thank you so much,
    A greeting!

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    There is no way?


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      Never tried, but if I think you could start by going to the php files for workflows and looking for the ACL checks... also you could try to use the rest api to add workflow permissions to user. You would need to link the user to the Workflow page I think.
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        No, it is not checking ACL, it is directly only for administrators (as was the importer in the past)

        I do not know if I can modify files to be accessible through ACL.

        Could it be done?


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          This is well beyond my knowledge. I think it may be done by editing the metadata by looking at how and where other entities ACL things are defined. Eg. You look for ACL definitions for all Tasks-realated metadata and then replicate to the Workflow metadata (the jsons in the resources folders, both custom and application (and crm module resources)). The idea is to try to turn the Workflow scope into a normal entity I think.


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            Are there some "steps" to follow? I have tried several things but they do not work ...

            Thank you!
            A greeting


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              Have you tried (as a quick check) opening the workflow entity url as a normal user commenting the ACL codes until you get no permission error?
              When you make that work you can patch all the commented parts to allow if your conditions (username, team or whatever you can put in a php 'if') are met.
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