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  • API : Meetings : shared calendars

    When I call API with entity Meeting, I cannot find a way to get the shared calendar items only or how to differentiate single users items from teams events (shared calendar).
    And even if I use the user_id / password, I get all the entries,but fields like teams / shared calendars are not in the resulting json data....
    Any idea how I could do to solve this issue ? Thanks

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    i think shared calendars are in users settings and not in db as separate entities


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      check what request is sent to the crm (with browser network tab), when you work on the Shared Calendar page


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        When I read calendar, it's Activities (scope Meeting) , when I create an event, it's Meeting, but I cannot find any iinformation about shared calendar...
        At the moment, I will create a new team, and when I call the api /Meeting/idMeeting the teams are returned, and I will check if the one I want to check is inside the list..
        Also, I cannot see the interest to create multiple shared calendars, as, data are the same everywhere,...That's a little strange, or maybe I forgot to do something....


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          If you want access to the individual shared calendar views they are store in the Preferences entity type.
          See https://espo.url/api/v1/Preferences/<user id> and look for "calendarViewDataList".


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            Thanks @tothewine
            Do you know as well where we can modify / delete shared views, I cannot find any access through menus or administration.


            • tothewine
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              Editing a comment
              I don't think it's implemented in the administration. You can probably use normal API (a PUT request) for editing the Preferences entity. Never tried that, tough.
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            @tothewine thks, will maybe try one of these days