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    I have different types of accounts.

    For each type of customer (customer type field would be how it is defined), I want certain sections to appear of not appear on the account functions.

    If business 1 is a truck rental company information on trucks would appear.


    If business 2 (run from same CRM) is a personal training business, then a section on diet and exercise would appear.

    (I know this example is strange, but I want something that is totally different to show how I want different panes to appear).

    Can I do this, if so how do I define this logic?



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    You can set field visibility based off of field selection. If you go into entity manager and select account entity fields then for each field you can go in and edit it to add the condition of being visible if the account type = truck rental company. I don't think there's a way to make whole sections of your layout view visible/invisible with a GUI command. (That might be a cool feature to have the ability to control panels.) You could probably set one field condition so see how it is built and do the rest in the custom json. It seems like that would probably be faster than editing each field.

    There might be something in the new formulas piece which might allow you to do this as well, but I haven't tried much of that out yet.
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      joy11 thanks for your thoughts. I am thinking about an entire section, not just a field.

      This feels logical to me since different types of clients need different information etc and the customer type is defined on the create account page.
      Once we knwo the type of account, the modules should respond accordingly.

      I wonder if this hasn't been built, or if I'm missing something?
      Any other thoughts?


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        You can hide panels as well


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          Originally posted by tanya View Post
          Not via the administrator's UI though AFAIK. I tried to implemnet this myself before but had some issues - e.g. the layout editor currently forgets the panel name attribute as soon as the layout is modified in the UI, rendering this useless.