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Cannot disable "Duplicate check fields"

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  • Cannot disable "Duplicate check fields"

    Problem description:

    Once I choose a field in "Duplicate check fields" in Account (or any other allowed Entity), I cannot disable this functionality, the options do not disappear from the "Duplicate check fields" field. If I want to disable this functionality I can only choose another field to check (for instance any other unused field).

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Open Account Entity in Entity Manager;
    2) Delete all options in the "Duplicate check fields" field;
    3) Press "Save";
    4) Refresh the browser;

    Expected result:
    1) There are no options in the "Duplicate check fields" field;
    2) The functionality is disabled and does not check for duplicates;

    Actual result:
    1) All the options remain in the "Duplicate check fields" field;
    2) The functionality stays enabled and checks for duplicates;
    3) If there is more than 1 option (3 options for instance), you can remove the 2nd and 3rd options, but the last option is "unremovable", it appears after "refresh".

    Please see the picture attached.
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    A legit bug. Will be fixed in the next patch release.