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Ordering in reports is not working properly

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  • Ordering in reports is not working properly


    we are facing some issues with report ordering. I am not sure if I am doing it incorrectly but when I set "order by" to COUNT(DESC) I would expect that the report and its values would be ordered from highest to lowest(by column "Total"). However, it is not working properly. It is somehow going from the highest to the lowest value, but some values are not in the correct position. Is it something you guys know about or is it just me who has this problem? It is happening even in reports with just one column so the problem should not be in multiple columns.

    Could you please take a look and tell me if I am doing something wrong? Click image for larger version

Name:	Wrong order report.jpg
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Name:	Wrong order report2.jpg
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    Thank you very much.

    Version of Espo 7.1.11
    Version of Advanced Pack 2.11.1

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    Unfortunately, it's not easy to fix. Order is applied on the SQL level, in case of grouping by 2 columns SQL result is merged and order can be lost.


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      ah okay. I understand that it is not that easy to fix. However, it is something we would appreciate being able to use.

      Are you planning to fix this, or it's just not possible with the current structure of the code and logic behind the project?

      Thank you.


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        I made a fix in v2.11.4. Your report should work correctly I hope.


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          Okay, we will update the current version of the Advanced pack and will let you know how its goin.

          Thanks a lot man


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            Or maybe I got it that version 2.11.4. already available? We are currently running on 2.11.1 and I can see that we are able to download 2.11.2.


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              Might be your upgrade subscription expired.


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                Oh yeah, it might be it...

                Could you please elaborate a bit on this topic? Here in the release notes(, I can only see that you have notes till v2.11.1. and I cannot find any info about newer versions also I do not see the option to upgrade/download newer versions of the Advanced pack.

                Does it mean that we need to pay another 395$ in order to have reports with properly working "order by"? Sounds a bit unfair that we already paid for "not working" reports and we need to pay again in order to be able to use the "order by" feature, which is already there but its broken. I am new in our company and I am not sure how your product works, but for me, it makes sense that if something is not working as expected, the fix will be delivered for free.

                Or is there any possible discount for a fixed Advanced pack in case we already bought it?

                Please note, that I am not trying to be rude or something. I am just trying to understand and find out our options to have a properly working reporting system. I just do not see any information on your website about which version is the newest one and what has been changed since the last release.

                Thank you for the information!


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                  It's the way how our licensing always was working. Once an upgrade subscription is ended there's no access to download newer versions that was released after the date when the license ended.

                  The emails about discounts are sent automatically when the subscription is expired.

                  Regarding fair or not fair. We need funds to exist. Our prices are low comparing to other options on the marked. The development mostly was driven by enthusiasm. It's rarely you will see fixing an issue like this in the matter of hours. I has to set aside all work I planned for today to help you with the problem, didn't manage to update release notes on the website.


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                    Yep, that's what I thought and I totally agree that your pricing is low in comparison with other companies and I understand that you need some funds to be able to continue your business. I will contact our IT administrator who takes care of implementing and maintaining your tool in our company to check the mail about some possible discounts.

                    Thanks a lot for taking the extra time to explain how it works. I appreciate it.

                    Have a nice day


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                      Good morning Yuri,

                      just to let you know - we have updated our Advanced pack to v2.11.4 and it seems like ordering in reports is working properly now.

                      Thanks a lot, great work!