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Salutation in email templates not working correctly

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  • Salutation in email templates not working correctly

    I have created some email templates for manual usage and they are working excellent. There is only one issue: The placeholder {Person.salutationName} is always replaced by the internal field value of the salutationName field, i.e. one of the English terms "Mr.", "Mrs." etc. But what I would like to have is the appropriate German translation "Herr", "Frau" etc. When editing a contact or lead the salutation drop-down menu shows the correct German terms, and the same is true when I look at the details page of a contact or lead. Only when applying a template to an email the wrong terms are used.

    (I know that I could edit the salutation value list in the entity manager, but then I would have to update thousands of records. And, of course, it's basically a good idea to keep internal database values and gui representation of values separated.)

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    We will check and fix.