What to provide in a bug report:
  1. It may be helpful to know if there are any errors logged:
    1. in the Espo log in data/logs directory;
    2. in the web server error log;
    3. in the browser console (F12 key).
  2. Provide steps for reproducing the issue explicitly.
  3. Provide the EspoCRM version number. If your version is not the latest, it's possible that the bug is already fixed.
  4. Provide the PHP version number.
  5. Provide the Database platform name (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and version number.

Additional info:
  • Bug reports that are not clear and don't have steps to reproduce are moved to another category or deleted.​
  • If you are not sure whether the issue is a bug, create the topic not in the Bug Reports category (e.g. in General Discussions, where the rules are more lax).
  • Troubleshooting article may be helpful.
  • If your problem is emails not being received, notifications/reminders not being sent, workflows not processed, for a start, make sure that cron is configured and running.​
  • If you use a not up-to-date EspoCRM version, consider upgrading. The bug might have already been fixed.
  • Requests for help posted in the Bug Reposts category will be deleted. Requests for help presented as bugs are highly reprehensible​.
  • Only issues related to the EspoCRM application and official extensions should be posted in the Bug Reports section. Issues related to the documentation or site should not be posted here.
  • The issue may be not a bug, but a documented behavior. Checking the docs may be reasonable.
  • The issue may be with a 3rd party extension. Checking with the extension uninstalled may be reasonable.
  • Please try not to use phrases like "big problem", "huge issue", "very annoying", etc. No need to use exclamation marks as well.
  • Don't hijack threads. Create a new topic for a separate issue.