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EspoCRM v7.0.0 released

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    We have tested the version 7.0.8 and all works fine. We will migrate to production once we move the instance to a new server as the CRM ha grown to 200GB in size. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.


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      We started using Espocrm from version 6 since last month. Its really fantastic since last month. We are intending to upgrade to version 7 next week. Will version 7 run on php 8.0? Any help will be appreciated.


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        i have running version with v7.0.9 in php 8.0
        but not completly investigate, i have some issue with "outlook extension" .. "mail", i think is library "laminas" issue.

        8.1 is not completly safe to upgrade actually i think.


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          I am currently testing the Espocrm in all the php versions. My findings are based on upgrading from version 5.7.11. These are my findings so far

          (1) Espocrm 5.7.11 seem to have issue with PHP > 7.4, there is a code error in version 5.7.11 and it only get fixed in the next version 5.8.5. We have to use php 7.4 and then upgrade up to 6.1.10.
          (2) Version 6.1.10 works with PHP 7.4, no problems. When using PHP 8.0 it works but upgrading to 7.0.9 does not work, giving "database went away..." error. I am still trying to resolve this.
          (3) Version 6.1.10 seems to have issues with PHP 8.1. The login screen did not work. Keeps giving me Login ID and Password errors. There were nothing in the logs or error.log. Rebuild also does not work.

          We need to resolve the PHP 8 issues as PHP 7 will be phased out by the end of 2022.

          Anyone has any update or help on this, your assistance is most appreciated.


          • espcrm
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            Probably have to follow this:

          • murugappan
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            espcrm thank you for the update. I need to update my post. Espocrm works with PHP 8.0 but we need to use PHP 7.4 to upgrade from version 5.7.11 to 6.1.10. After that we could use PHP 8.0 to upgrade to 7.0.9 . I have tested it. Now i am having problem with upgrading the actual production instance. The DB is 10.8Gb and the upgrade from 5.8.5 to 5.9.1 gets killed without any error.logs. I think it may have something to do with the SSH session timeout. Still trying.

          • murugappan
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            Just for closure only
            I have resolved all the problems. The crash was due to the temp wkspace was allocated to a drive that has insufficient space. We has since upgraded our servers and disk space. No more issues.

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          I just upgraded and I really like improvment of version 7 series.
          Thank you sooo much for this great job


          • yuri
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            Cool. Thanks.